Rika Sasaki Age: 10
Best Friends: Mr. Terada (the teacher)

Other Good Friends: Sakura, Naoko (Nikki), Chiharu (Chelsea), Tomoyo (Madison)

Plays Piano Favorite hangout: Library
Hobbies: Buying gifts, for herself and others for others.
Voice Actress Someone

Rika is my personal favorite supporting character in CCS. She is very astute, smart, friendly and mature in character. She's been known to go out of her way to help her friends when they're having a hard time. She has a crush on Mr. Terada that is more serious than Sakura's crush on Yukito (Julian). Actually, it's more like Rika and Mr. Terada are engaged. She also plays the piano. She is usually quiet and rather shy. But she won't let this stand in her way if she needs to help a friend. She is always very supportive of her friends and fellow classmates.

Why is she my favorite supporting character? Well, she reminds me of a friend in my highschool graduating class. She has similar color eyes and hair (brown), and a mature but likable personality.

Rita Readington Elementary

I even like Rita, but for different reasons. They imply that Rita has a hard time with spelling and is on the teacher's list of students who are in need of help. I can identify with this, since this is what happend to me in my elementary eduacation.

We don't know if Rita plays piano as Nelvana has limited the character developement in the North American release of Cardcaptors. They even edit out the scenes that imply that she has a crush on Mr. Terada. Perhaps she is Mr. Terada's younger niece. (Well that's what I'd like to think.